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The collections of Zaozhuang Museum are rich in variety and cover a time span of more than 7,500 years. So far, it has collected 15,597 sets of various cultural relics, including 63 national first-class cultural relics, 82 national second-class cultural relics, and 263 national third-class cultural relics.

Among them, the 193 bronze artifacts of the Zhu Junior unearthed from Dongjiang Site, Shanting District, in 2002 (24 of them bear inscriptions) and the 178 bronze artifacts of the Lan state unearthed from the noble cemetery of Xulou in Yicheng Distict in 2009 are renowned worldwide.                              


Zhu Junqing kettle    
Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-256 B.C.) 

Qian Fu bottle   
Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-256 B.C.)