Tour Guide

Notice on civilized visits

Please obey the command of museum staffs.

No food and beverages are allowed in the exhibition hall.

No pets are allowed in the museum. No smoking is allowed in the museum area. Please keep the environment clean.

It is strictly forbidden to bring inflammables, explosives, control equipment and other dangerous objects into the museum.

The alcoholics, disheveled, incapacitated and those who do not follow proper behavior and speech standards are not allowed to enter.

Please pay attention to safety when using the staircase or elevator. Special visitors such as young children and the elderly are required to be accompanied by their relatives or friends.

Do not make loud noise and do not touch the exhibits in the exhibition hall. Take care of all facilities.

Please follow the guidance of our staff and assist us in maintaining good visiting order and a pleasant visiting environment within the exhibition hall;

In case of major or temporary activities at our museum, please follow our museum's arrangements.

Please obey the command of staffs if you encounter emergencies.

Thank you for your understanding and support.